Kune Community Types

Kune Community Types, Explained

Three types of Community are supported within Kune. Communities of each type are working for positive change, while using & supporting Kune in slightly different ways in doing so.

This three-pronged approach allows both people and organisations to flexibly participate in Kune, while allowing end-users to easily move between contexts and organisations within a joined-up overall Kune experience.

Kune Communities

Kune Communities are Kune’s foundational building blocks, and include (for example) WeCanGlobal place-based communities; 17Goals1Future communities; SciencePact, BusinessPact and DiasporaPact network communities, and so on. Participation in these communities is bound by Kune’s Code Of Conduct.

Kune Client Communities

Kune Client Communities are direct and full participants in Kune who use Kune’s infrastructure to further both Kune’s objectives and their own, in synergistic and aligned ways. Each Kune Client Community typically represent one or more external organisations or companies. Participation in these communities is bound by Kune’s Code Of Conduct.

Kune-Associated Communities

Kune-Associated Communities are connected with and supportive of Kune, and share Kune’s ethos of well-informed, positive and purposeful collaboration.

Each Kune-Associated Community embraces Kune’s Charter but enforces its own Code of Conduct or equivalent. Additionally, end-user use of Kune through Kune-Associated Communities is governed by our very-simple Associated-Community Terms & Privacy Policy.