Network-wide Sign-Up & Sign-In

Registering For & Logging In to Kune

Returning Users

If you are a returning user, Log In here, then continue on the site or page you wish to view.


Kune consists of a distributed network of communities. These include core Kune communities, Kune Client communities and Kune-Associated communities (learn more here).

Before you login to any of these communities, you must sign up for a central account on Kune. Having one central place to join the network streamlines and unifies everyone’s experience; it also underscores the point that, regardless of which individual communities you join, you are also becoming part of a wider global collaborative network for change.

1) Before you sign up

Before you sign up you must review & agree with our Terms & Conditions.

Kune communities are positive, respectful and fact-based spaces for collaboration & learning, and maintaining this culture is of paramount importance to us. Before registering, you must also review and accept our Community Guidelines.

By signing up for a Kune account you are confirming that you have read & accept our Terms & Conditions, and that you will adhere to our Community Guidelines.

2) Registration (one-time)

Having reviewed & accepted the Terms & Conditions and the Community Guidelines, create your Kune Network account here to sign up (register) to use Kune, if you have not already done so.

  • when done, you can typically close this browser tab, and continue your sign-up process within the specific Community you had started with.
  • alternatively, feel free to browse this community (

3) Thereafter, Login here (or from any Community)

Once you have signed up for Kune once, you won’t need to do so again. Just go ahead and Log In here or on other Kune communities.

If you are logging in here and wish to use another community : once logged in here, just close this browser tab and continue your Login process within the specific Community you are about to use.